Venue Memorabilia

October 3, 2008 All Souls Church/Coffeehouse

Tulsa, OK; EP performed at a 6:30pm church service at the All Souls Church then performed at the Coffeehouse at 8:15pm.

* 8 1/2 x 11  Parish Notes: The All Souls Weekly Bulletin; EP pictured on front
* 8 1/2 x 11 Simple Gifts: The All Souls Journal; EP listed in calendar of events.
*  11 x 14 tri-fold Order of Service listing the 5 songs EP performed
* 5 x 17 Alls Souls Coffeehouse Fall 2008 Concert Series flyer; EP pictured.
* 13 x 19 Soulful Sundown color poster announcing music from Ellis Paul featured as part of the Oct. 3 "A Thief in the Night" church service.

updated: 10 years ago