Video Recordings

June 7-9, 2002 Baladerry Inn

Gettysburg, PA; 3 VHS; This was the first "Ellis Paul Weekend" organized by Tim and Lori Blixt; Donated by Tim and Lori Blixt.

IYBD, TWASD, RMC, GIGU, SOT, SM, KS, W, GP, TLIYL, DGP, HT, MBM, 18, CWAG, LATWB, 3M, WWB, ML, RB, TBOCM, MJ, CYN, NO, STD, DIEKY, PIAD, TAOD, AIM, IYBD (only song repeated over the 3 days/shows), COTW, TS, SS, JF, HSI, NLAA, WTR, WDC, ID, M, LC (with KZ on harmony), BW.

updated: 10 years ago