The Inventory

The Inventory of items in the Ellis Paul Archive have been placed into categories as noted on the left.  Simply click on a category name to see a list of archive items in that category.  

The Inventory is a list of physical items that have been collected.  Hyperlinks to online articles are provided when possible.  Newspaper and magazine articles originally appearing in print have also been hyperlinked when possible.  Except when noted otherwise, magazines are the complete hard copy. Newspaper articles in the Archive include a variety of formats:  original hard copy, photocopies, or online copies.  

A few items are pictured.  Additional pictures will be added in the future.

Anyone is welcome and encouraged to donate items to the Archive.  Flyers from shows, live recordings, photos, newspaper and magazines, etc. are all welcome.  Persons donating to the Archive will be acknowledged unless requested otherwise.

Song titles listed on audio and video recordings are abbreviated as noted below:

9M = nine months to fix the world
17S = 17 septembers
18 = eighteen
20TH C = 20th century
3M = 3000 miles
7 = seven
A = angel
AB = abiola
ACP = alice's champagne palace
AIH = am I home
AIM – angel in manhattan
ADH = alone down here
AL = anna lee
ALRR = a little red rose
AMHWJ = all my heroes were junkies
AOAP = autobiography of a pistol
ATBTS = all things being the same
ATD = ashes to dust
B = blizzard
BBB = bad bad blood
BAH = broke and hungry
BIT = because it's there
BMB = bring me backwards
BS = bryant street
BSS = black shiny shoes
BT = black top train
BTTR = breakin' through the radio
BW = beautiful world
C = change
CAT = comes a time
CB = cotton's burning
CGS = clock's gonna stop
CH = change
CL = clarity
CM = calendar man
COTW = citizen of the world
CS = city song
CWAG = conversation with a ghost
CY = comfort you
CYN = changing your name
D = dragonfly
DAR = drink another round
DB = don't breathe
DGP = did galileo pray
DIEKY = did I ever know you
DM = deliver me
DOYN = drop of your name
DP = dear prudence
DR = dragonfly races
EB = everything's broken
F = fireflies
FN = friday night
FS = father's song
G = ghosts
GA = get away (rush limbaugh)
GAOE  = gentle arms of eden
GH = goodbye hollywood
GIGU = give in give up
GM = gold mine
GP = god's promise
HA = hurricane angel
Home = home
HIWYA = heaven is where you are
HORS = house of rising sun
HSI = here she is
HS = holiday song
HT = hard travelin'
ID = independence day
ICMYLM = I can't make you love me
IICCTR = if I could catch the rain
ILADTTR = I lost a day to the rain
ILTS = I like to swing
ITOTS = I'm the one to save
IWCOY = I won't cry over you
IYBD = If you break down
JAT = jumpin' a train
JLJB = just like jim brown
JOMG = jukebox on my grave
JTJF = just the jester fool
KMC = kiss me crazy
KO7A = king of 7th ave.
KS = Kristian's song
KTS = kiss the sun
LATT = last at the table
LATWB = look at the wind blow
LC = last call
LFMF = looking for my friends
LIACT = love is a curious thing
LIB = let it be
LIR = let it rain
LITN = live in the now
LM = lonely man
LOV = Lights of Vegas
LTFAW = love's too familiar a word
LV = lonesome valley
LWG = little wood guitar
LYWD = lay your wager down
M = medicine
MBM = maria's beautiful mess
MC = marc chagall
MCL = marcia clark
MCM = million chameleon march
MJ = mrs. Jones
MIS = may I suggest
MK = (way over yonder in the) minor key
ML = martyr's lounge
MMPO = my mother popped out
MSTS = midnight strikes to soon
MYS = mystified
NLAA = never lived at all
NLOYH = new light on your halo
NLTT = nothing left to take
NO = new orleans
OUAS = once upon a summertime
P = pinwheel
PC = preamble to the constitution
PD = paper dolls
PF = poet fool
PFO = postcard from oz
PIAD = paris in a day
PM = paperback man
R =  river
RATS = raven and the scarecrow
RB = rollaway bed
RC = rodeo clown
RIAC = rose in a cage
RMC-rattle my cage
ROF = ring of fire
RR = river road
RS = rainy season
RT = rose tatoo
RTG= ready to go
S2:15 = Saturday 2:15
SIA = snow in austin
SLAG = she loves a girl
SM = sweet mistakes
SOT = speed of trees
SOTR = side of the road
SP = self-portrait
SS = say something
STD = seize the day
STSP = sometime someplace
SW = she was
SWL = she wasn't listening
T = traffic
TAOD = the art of distance
TATSYN = take all the sky you need
TBITR = two bends in the road
TBOCM = the ballad of chris mccandless
TBS = the bed song
TC = towne crier
Tcar  = trolley car
TDAEC = the day after everything changed
TG = tornado girl
Time = Time
TLIYL = this land is your land
TLR = the love remains
TM =  thin man
TMD = take me down
TMS = the mall song
TMIABA = this morning I am born again
TMP = the millenium poem
TNHWCCT = the night hank williams came to town
TOC = this old car
TOW = the only way
TP = the photograph
TS = translucent soul
TSIMA = the star inside my apple
TWASD = the world ain't slowing down
UG = urban girlfriend
VM = vigilante man
W = words
WAM = walking after midnight
WAM/C = walking after midnight/change
WDC = washington dc
WDIW = what do I want
Weight = weightless
WHTM = welcome home to maine
WKJL = who killed john lennon
WOP = worn out pretension
WS = wabi sabi
WSB = white suburban blues
WTR = wilbur the rat
WTRR = where the river rolls
WUTM = waking up to me
WWB = when we begin
YAMS = you are my sunshine

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